Effective FX risk management for exporters and importers

An introduction to how you can better manage your FX risk.

FX Risk ebook-cover

It has become a cliché that the world has changed. The impact has been dramatic, and even more so for those exposed to fluctuating exchange risks. Managing the risk around selling goods and services into foreign markets is new to many - including very established organisations. 

In this eBook, we take the mystery out of managing foreign exchange risks and apply historical learnings to risk managing in the current environment.


What is this eBook about?

  • The basics of FX risk - our world may have changed but the basics of FX risk management remain the same.
  • The need to hedge your FX risk- companies can not only reduce their exposure to FX by better managing risk but also achieve several other benefits.
  • Step-by-step strategy for managing your FX risk - a simple 6-step process to help mitigate some of the pitfalls that many exporters and importers fall into.
  • Financial instruments to leverage - the commonly used FX hedging instruments - FX forwards and FX options.
  • Spreadsheets or Treasury Management Systems? In the current environment where working from home is common, having a single source of truth, as opposed to sharing a spreadsheet is becoming the norm.

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